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lindaLinda was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is a professional voice-over artist. She has worked as a on-air personality at the 98 FM, Rádio Cidade e 96 FM stations.

She also has a number of voiceovers for local radio and TV commercials to her name.

Portuguese, English, German: only languages, you might think. But Linda Coelli's voice transforms them into rhythmical sounds. As the unforgettable Antonio Carlos Jobim once said: "The human voice is the richest instrument there is".

From her studio in Brazil Linda provides Brazilian clients with sweepers, commercials, promos and corporate voiceovers with a personality all of their own. She has a strong reputation for high-quality work and reliable delivery, and her voice has been captivating audiences and clients for years.

Despite working seven days a week, she still finds time for breakfast or lunch with friends. At weekends she likes going to the movies and to the beaches of Natal, Brazil, where she lives with her family and friends. 

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