What clients say:


"We were thrilled by the work you did for our E-learning project! I believe we'll soon develop it further and we'll get in touch with you"

Edna Ranziny - SP - Brazil



" Linda is a true professional. She delivered broadcast-quality and superbly performed voice over within my very short production window. All her reads met my precise timings and synched beautifully to my video. I would absolutely use her again!"

Ian U. - USA


" I am very happy to have found someone so professional in their work. I highly recommend her work. Linda thank you very much for supporting me in these projects."

Adrian Morales - Mexico


" In addition to being an great talent, Linda is extremely dedicated and very much a perfectionist. She delivered on time, on budget and did just as we asked. Overall, exceptional service!"

Lucas Bitencourt - London


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"Linda was fantastic to work with. She answered all our questions and delivered the final product on time. We recommend working with her if you need any Portuguese speaking voice over services."

Gerald Hrant - USA


"We very much appreciated the recording, excellent quality. We sincerely hope to maintain this partnership. You have put together quality, professionalism and cordiality in every moment."

Paula Beatriz - Intervalor
SP - Brazil


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"Thank you once again for the wonderful cooperation. It was a pleasure doing business with you - fast, smooth and reliable. I'm sure we have more for you in the weeks to come..."

Andreas Reichert - Germany


Mundo do ABC

"Linda is unwearying! Blessed by God with a wonderful voice. She is so competent and dedicated, delivering service with quality… She is an extremely qualified professional. In our Mundo do ABC, we were really pleased with the narration she recorded for our event last  March. She made the difference! Congratulations Linda!"

Valéria Brackmann - Mundo do ABC
Porto Alegre - RS

Group São Francisco

"Internet has made possible amazing things in my private and business life. One of those was knowing Linda Coelli. What a friendly, hard worker and charismatic person! It seems that we are friends for a long time. Congrats Linda for your professionalism as well. You'll do lots of voiceover for our companies."

Cláudio José de Assis - Grupo São Francisco



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"My name is Marcus and I am a filmmaker, I'm in the field for over 10 years. For a good time I've been looking for a versatile female voice, and I finally met Linda and she exceeded my expectations. Professionalism, politeness, efficient service, joy and love for what she does. This is Linda Coelli. She was a blessing! God bless"

Marcos Canoas - www.i8pro.com
RS - Brazil

Yankee - VDR Estudio

"What can I say about Linda Coelli? She is creative and delivers quality respecting the deadlines. Linda showed these qualities and even more... TEAM PLAYER!!!  Thank you for the quick turn around and talent put in the job. I just loved working with you and from now on, you can count on participating in my productions. Linda Coelli, our teamwork was really worthwhile!!!!"

VDR Estudio

Clinic Ortho Implante

"She has an incredible voice, enchanting, fascinating. Certainly the PERFECT voice for any kind of voiceover work! Talented, charismatic, professional and dedicated. She also delivers those magic ingredients that make all the difference: devotion and enthusiasm. THANK YOU LINDA COELLI! Keep up the great work, and I wish you every success for the future!"

Luciana Garcia - Ortho Implante
São Bernardo do Campo / SP


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