Express service

img 0164If you think my voice is the right one for your project, just drop me a line:

 1 - You can contact me anytime via my website, by telephone, e-mail or Skype to outline your requirements.
 2 - I'll send you an offer by e-mail, instant message or telephone. To confirm the order, simply send me the text to be recorded and make the payment.
3 – As soon as the files are ready you’ll receive them by e-mail, or you can download them from my website.

This service is available in Portuguese, English and German (all with a Brazilian accent).

On-hold messages / IVR

ura grayClients and prospects who call your company and hear an on-hold message know that:

- they have called the right place
- they are still on hold
- their call has not been dropped

 What’s more, an interactive voice response or IVR recording guides them to the person they need to talk to. That means:

- more efficient use of company time
- more effective employee performance, and
- better use of your client’s time

Commercial for Concerts / Events / Parties

festaConvincing an audience to come to your events is much easier if you choose the right TV and radio stations for your advertising.

But participating in the production of the concert or event promo, and choosing the right voiceover artist to put across the enjoyment and glamour of major events generates even better results.

To find out how I can take your promotion to the next level, listen to a demo or download a sample here.

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