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Grab your listeners’ attention with specially created sweepers – and stay one step ahead of the competition!

Ever thought about giving your station a professional, big-name image? Now you can – and at an affordable price. Quality doesn’t come cheap, but sacrificing quality can be much more expensive. Low-cost sweepers usually mean smaller audiences and falling profits.  

Which advertisers does your station want to attract

Those that pay more, or the ones who try to keep their costs to a minimum? The ones that see advertising as a chore, or those that are happy to advertise because they believe it will boost their turnover? Local advertisers will choose your station if it identifies with the region. Sweepers play a crucial rule in highlighting your regional focus and influencing the way that advertisers see your station.

Sweepers can do wonders for your radio station’s credibility.

If you need new sweepers that give you a competitive edge, drop me a line today!

What the clients say:

"There aren’t many voiceover artists who focus so precisely on our needs.
I’d like to congratulate Linda Coelli for her brilliant work

Pr. Célio Carlos Martins - Rádio Canadá


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